Become a tennis student-athlete in the US or Canada.


Discover, compare and recruit the best student-athletes for your college sports team – all in one platform. 

What is the Alliance Athletes App? 

The Alliance App is a game-changing tool for US college coaches to discover and recruit qualified international studenta-athletes.

The app was created by seven leading sports recruiting agencies in their respective markets. With the app, you get immediate access to all the prospective student-athletes active in college sports via the International Alliance members.

Which athletes can I recruit? 

The Alliance Athletes App is used by 2000+ college coaches and each academic year, more than 1,000 international students have become student-athletes in the US thanks to the app.

For now, the Alliance Athletes App contains all the prospective student-athletes from Europe’s leading college sports recruiters: 

  • AGM 
  • College Scholarships USA (CSUSA) 
  • Sport-Scholarships 
  • College Life Italia 
  • Elite Athletes 
  • Next Level Sports Portugal
  • Soccer & Education USA 
  • Uniexperts
  • Tennis Smart
  • Future Elite Sports
  • CMAS

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Become a tennis student-athlete in the US or Canada.


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