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One 26€ scholarship donation provides a child with a year-long opportunity to participate in Right To Play's educational programs.

Keystone Sports work with promising young individuals, unlocking incredible opportunities through sports scholarships. Recognizing that not everyone has equal access to progress in sports and education, we proudly serve as an official charity partner of Right To Play. Through our annual ‘One Donation – One Education’ campaign, we strive to provide children with educational opportunities through the power of play. 

The premise is simple – you can donate a one-time “scholarship” for 26 EUR, helping a child get an education through Right To Play’s programs for a whole year. 

Right To Play, a well-established non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Olympic gold-medalist Johann Olav Koss, has actively pursued its important mission for over two decades: harnessing the transformative power of sport and play. Dedicated to enhancing well-being, imparting vital life skills, and cultivating peace for children and communities in resource-limited regions, the organization operates in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In 2022, Right To Play achieved a milestone by empowering over 2.7 million children through educational initiatives.

You can donate a scholarship heading over to our Right To Play campaign website here:

This cause holds significant importance for us, and we sincerely hope you’ll join us in making a donation and raising awareness about the impactful work of Right To Play worldwide.

While we at Keystone Sports assist privileged ‘kids’ in securing sports scholarships at US and Canadian universities, we, along with our student-athletes, we also strive to make a positive difference for less privileged children. This is achieved by donating scholarships and supporting these children through enrollment in school programs facilitated by Right To Play. 

By contributing to the One Donation – One Education campaign, you could be the lucky donor receiving a Keystone Sports merch. Create an impact while having the opportunity to win a hoodie —donate here!

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Your scholarship donation helps empower children through education and sports! 

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