Lene Mary Bolkesjø Hovda, new champion of the Norwegian national tennis championship

This week we have been lucky enough to interview Lene Mary Bolkesjø Hovda, brand new champion of the Norwegian national tennis championship and student-athlete on a tennis scholarship in the US at Sain Mary’s College of California

Lene Mary Bolkesjø Hovda, currently a student-athlete on a tennis scholarship, is the new champion of the Norwegian Tennis Championship!

“Being part of a team is something very special. In Norway, tennis is an individual sport where people are mostly focused on themselves. At college, on the other hand, you do not only represent yourself, but the entire university, and everyone is rooting for you and wishing you success. I’m lucky to be part of a team with seven other motivated girls who always give it their best at practice and strive to make each other better every day. Winning by yourself is great but winning as a team in college is something very unique.”

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Kim Moe Krohn

Kim Moe Krohn, from Oslo, Norway, is a former student-athlete at the University of South Carolina Upstate, where he combined soccer on a scholarship while getting his degree in Communications. Before graduating, in 2008, he co-founded College Scholarships USA to help more international student-athletes get opportunities in the US college system. He is currently the VP Operations at Keystone Sports.

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