Women's college soccer athlete Lorena Montañés.

My Experience in Women’s College Soccer in the United States

Student-athlete Lorena Montañés shares her college experience and compares women’s soccer in the US and Spain.

Discover how women's college soccer scholarships in the United States offer unique resources, opportunities, and support. Student-athlete Lorena Montañés shares her firsthand experience and compares women’s soccer in the US and Spain.


Lorena Montañés is a Spanish student-athlete who played Division I soccer at Fresno State in California where she completed a double degree. Then, she transferred to Point Park University to pursue a master’s degree. During her college soccer career, she has competed at the highest level playing against some of the best teams in the US, including national champions Stanford, UCLA, and Santa Clara.  

Read about her experience and get an insight into women’s college soccer in the United States.

Why Women’s College Soccer in the United States?

When I was 18, I received a college soccer scholarship in the United States. At that time, I felt that at home women’s soccer was far behind the men’s game in terms of resources, recognition, and opportunities.  

Spain relies mainly on clubs for players’ development. Most teams don’t have the funds or resources for female athletes to combine soccer and college education at a high level. I was looking for better opportunities to play and study at the same time. Thanks to Keystone Sports I got a soccer scholarship in the US. 

Women's college soccer athlete Lorena Montañés.

Remarkable Resources and Support for Athletes

When I arrived in California, I was impressed by the level of resources and support available to us.  

In addition to the coaching staff, we have a team of trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, sports psychologists, as well as a media team. The team’s staff are available throughout the day, so you can go check with them whenever it works best for you. This is great when you have a busy schedule with classes and training sessions. 

The facilities available are amazing. From large weight rooms to a locker room with massage sofas (ideal for taking a nap between classes). We have access to a “fueling station,” a room stocked with food and drinks to fuel athletes. The training room is also exceptionally equipped, with ice pools, jacuzzis, and advanced technology.

Combine Athletics and Academics as a Women’s College Soccer Player

In the US, the university facilitates your athletic career, and the athletic department helps with academics. You don’t need to pick one or the other.  

As a student, you don’t have to worry about missing a class because you have a game or you are traveling with the team. Professors work with you to reschedule exams and assignments you may miss. 

As an athlete, you can get additional help with your academics. At Fresno State, the athletic department offers tutors to all student-athletes. Let’s say that you are struggling with a class, you can get a tutor to help you during the semester, or just on a particular assignment. This is useful for international students for whom English may be challenging at first. Each team was also assigned an athletic advisor who checked on how each player was doing with classes. 

I was also impressed with how they prepare athletes for their professional careers beyond sports. The athletic department organizes career fairs where you can meet employers from multiple companies. This is great for internships or job opportunities.

Women's college soccer athlete Lorena Montañés.

Women’s college soccer in the United States is really different from the type of soccer played in Europe. In Spain, you can find more technical players, while the US is characterized by a physical game. This has helped me improve my strength and speed, making me a more complete player. 

College soccer scholarships for women open doors to a more professional athletic experience. As a DI women’s soccer player, I felt for the first time as a professional athlete. Most of my day is dedicated to the sport I love. I have everything I need to excel.

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About the author

Lorena Montañés

Current student-athlete in the United States completing an MBA in Business Analytics. Born in Pamplona, Spain, she decided to continue her soccer career in the US. She played DI soccer at California State University, Fresno, while earning a double degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, and Psychology. She aims to empower other student-athletes to achieve their dreams and have a life-changing experience.

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