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Keystone Sports scores big: unveiling the class of 2023

In the ever-evolving world of sports scholarships, Keystone Sports is thrilled to bring you the highlights of our journey with the Class of 2023.

Join us in celebrating the achievements of 1224 student-athletes who dared to dream big and are now competing in college sports while studying for their university degree. 

A Year of Growth: 

This year has seen Keystone Sports reach new heights, helping 1224 student-athletes enroll at schools, a substantial increase (20,5%) from the 1015 students helped in 2022. This growth reflects our ongoing dedication to nurturing athletic talent and creating pathways to academic success. 

171 “Full Ride Scholarships”: 

Among our diverse group of student-athletes, a remarkable 171 earned “full ride scholarships” — scholarships where 100% of tuition fees, room & board and books are covered. It’s a testament to the extraordinary potential of our student-athletes and our commitment and knowledge to opening doors to exceptional opportunities. 


Infographic illustrating the comparison between 2022 and 2023 regarding the number of full-ride sports scholarships

The most diverse class of students earning a Sports Scholarship: 

The US and Canada are very popular places to earn a sports scholarship. Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Golf, and Swimming emerge as the top picks for student-athletes navigating the American collegiate sports scene. The Class of 2023 consists of student-athletes competing in 24 different sports and is the most diverse class to date, with 41 different nationalities represented. The countries we help the most student-athletes from are Spain, the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. With Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Japan emerging as big growing markets. 


Record-breaking Scholarship Value: 

Our belief in transforming lives is mirrored in the average scholarship value, exceeding $24,000/year. In total, the Class of 2023 has secured a whopping 93.7 million USD in scholarships—a tangible demonstration of the impact we aim to create. 

“Mapping Trends in Sports Scholarships: A Dive into the Class of 2023″  

Going beyond the numbers, our report delves into the experiences of over 2200 student-athletes assisted the last two academic years, uncovering trends in sports scholarships across Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and South America. Discover which states and universities are emerging as hotspots for specific sports.

Infographic illustrating Keystone Sports top five college sports

For a closer look at the trends shaping the future of sports scholarships, access the complete report by clicking here. Join us in empowering student-athletes and redefining success in the dynamic world of college sports. 


The Class of 2023 embodies the spirit of Keystone Sports—where dreams take center stage, and champions in the sporting arena and the classrooms emerge from all corners of the globe. We’re shaping futures and fostering a community of resilient, ambitious student-athletes.  


Keystone Sports

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