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Groundbreaking Launch of Keystone Sports Performance Program

A Unique Approach: Integrating Sports and Mental Performance

Embark on a transformative journey with the Keystone Sports Performance Program, crafted by the sports performance experts Clive Brewer and Dr. Darren Treasure. This revolutionary program integrates elite athletic and mental training, empowering student-athletes for collegiate success.

Keystone Sports proudly introduces the Keystone Sports Performance Program. Discover our sports performance coaching initiative, created by the two globally renowned experts in the field: Clive Brewer and Dr. Darren Treasure.

Collegiate athletics in the USA is a highly competitive, multi-million-dollar industry that offers opportunity and challenge alike. With a unique combination of mental and athletic performance training, Keystone Sports Performance Program has been designed to help student-athletes thrive in college and beyond.

Developed by Experts in Sports Performance Coaching

Crafted by acknowledged experts in athlete development and sport psychology, the Keystone Sports Performance Program delivers comprehensive mental and physical performance training under expert guidance.

The program’s distinctive advantage lies in its innovative approach, scientific underpinning and the confidence that the techniques have been used with professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes to great success. By integrating world-class physical and mental performance techniques, it offers a holistic resource, equipping student-athletes with skills and methodologies for success.

The program, meticulously developed by Dr. Darren Treasure and Clive Brewer, includes valuable resources like engaging videos, printed materials, and workshops. It also offers the opportunity to participate in exclusive sessions and ask questions to the expert duo.

Athletic Development through Expert Support

Clive Brewer, with over 25 years of experience in athlete development and physical conditioning, is the architect of the program’s athletic performance part. As the Director of Athletic Performance at OrthoArizona and a career that included 20 Wimbledon tournaments, work with teams such as Manchester Utd, Liverpool FC and Toronto Blue Jays, his ongoing contributions have played a pivotal role in the success stories of professional athletes and sports teams.

Through the program, Clive will provide guidance and support on athletic performance. This incorporates physical conditioning programs and methods, recovery techniques, nutrition guidelines, injury prevention guidance, and direction for planning training programs that prepare the athlete for the elite demands of college athletics. By combining technical aspects of the athlete’s sport and health strategies, student-athletes get the toolkit and skills to reach their full potential, and excel:

“The primary goal of athletic performance is to equip the athlete with the tools necessary to develop stamina, power, agility, and speed, giving them a competitive edge in college sports and enabling them to make the most of the student-athlete experience.” – Clive Brewer

Athletic development expert Clive Brewer

Cutting-Edge Mental Performance Training

Keystone Sports acknowledges the psychological aspect of athletic success. The mental performance component of the program is crafted and developed by Dr. Darren Treasure, a world-renowned expert in sport psychology.

Darren’s extensive experience includes advising top athletes, such as Olympic champions, NBA players, and members of the World Cup-winning United States Women’s National Soccer Team. His impactful career spans roles as a performance consultant and a research professor, contributing significantly to sports education programs and advancing motivation and performance psychology.

“The Keystone mental performance program is science-based and practically proven with some of the best athletes in the world. It teaches powerful mental performance skills that will enhance a student-athlete’s athletic performance and the quality of their sport experience. It considers the unique culture and contextual challenges facing a student-athlete, preparing them to successfully cope with the rigors of the college experience.” – Darren Treasure.

Using Darren’s techniques, student athletes receive guidance on concentration, motivation, confidence, and pressure management. By building a strong mindset, student-athletes are prepared to overcome the challenges presented during the college sport season but also in their future career.

Sport psychology expert Darren Treasure

At the Forefront in Student-Athlete Development

As a student-athlete, you are not only practicing and competing, but also pursuing a higher degree. Darren and Clive, with unique insights into the college sports environment, have developed athletic and mental performance training tailored to address the needs of student-athletes.

Clive explains: “There are many athletic training programs—few are designed to meet the needs of an athlete transitioning into the US collegiate system, where the competition is highly athletic & physically demanding.”

Darren also emphasizes the program’s tailored approach, but in terms of mental coaching: “Mental performance programs delivered to regular athletes or student-athletes will share many common features. The Keystone mental performance program, however, goes beyond the common and recognizes the unique psychological challenges facing student-athletes.”

Acquire the Methodologies Employed by Professional Athletes

The program represents a shift in how student-athletes approach education and athletic pursuits, providing a comprehensive toolkit for athlete development. With substantial experience working with top-level athletes and teams, the program and its experts ensure students are equipped with crucial skills to thrive and succeed both as students and athletes.

“These tools have been employed at Olympic & professional levels, as well as within winning programs in the NCAA – we understand how to develop athletes for the daily routines to prepare – work – recover using all the resources available to the college athlete.”– Clive Brewer.

Keystone Sports Performance Program is available to clients through Keystone Sports premium package. The program can also be purchased as a stand-alone product.

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